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Xi Jinping Thought Explained: A New Ideology for a New Era

Mr. Xi’s nationalist message of China as a strong, highly respected world power resonates with many Chinese.

But the promise of national glory comes with a catch: single-party rule.

Xi Jinping Thought promotes the supremacy of the Communist Party to growing numbers of avid consumers, internet users and world travelers — a group fundamentally different from the workers and peasants who were supposed to be the soul of the Communist Revolution.

Mr. Xi’s philosophy teaches that the goal of a powerful, unified China can be achieved only if the Communist Party stays firmly in control of China. The party, he says, is the solution to China’s problems, not their source.

Under Xi Jinping, the Communist Party has sought new ways to maintain its grip on power and propagate its message, including using rap music. Video by CGTN

Harping on the importance of one-party rule is not new in China. But Mr. Xi has taken aggressive steps to revitalize the Communist Party’s grip on business, the news media, the internet, culture and education. The influence of party permeates every corner of society — even rap music.


A political cartoon from The Global Times, a Communist Party newspaper. The image illustrated an article titled “Democracy: A Western tool for domination.” Credit The Global Times

Official news media routinely point to the corruption and failings they see in Western democracies. “Why question the Communist Party when the alternative is chaos and corruption?” goes the message.

The Man: The National Patriarch


Communist Party propaganda links Mr. Xi not only to Mao Zedong, but to Confucius as well. Credit Greg Baker/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The third piece of Xi Jinping Thought is Mr. Xi himself.

Central to the doctrine is the idea that for China to continue its global rise, and for the party to maintain its rule, a decisive leader is needed at the helm. And the man for the job is Mr. Xi.

Xi Jinping Thought was seen in action this week when the Communist Party announced it would abolish presidential term limits, allowing Mr. Xi to remain in power, perhaps indefinitely.

In propaganda, Mr. Xi is referred to as “lingxiu,” a reverent Chinese word for a leader that was also used for Mao Zedong. In official imagery he is portrayed as a visionary leader on a historic mission — brave, wise and decisive.

Source: NYT > World

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