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With the White House as a backdrop, Trump accepts GOP nomination: Live analysis

Good evening from Manhattan, where there’s a wild thunderstorm raging outside my window, which, oddly, seems calmer than what we’re about to watch go down tonight. Everyone’s so far articulated what’s on my mind – can Trump define exactly what sort of liberal Biden is? How is he going to acknowledge the hurricane/pandemic/Kenosha? – but for some reason, I’m interested in the theater of the entire thing. So much of this RNC has been reliant on projecting an image of strength using whatever tools, camera tricks, and backdrops they’ve been able to scrounge up at the last minute, which has led us to where we are now: Trump using the south lawn to hold a maskless MAGA rally, to, I presume, own the libs and pearl-clutching media types.

Also, Dan Scavino, the guardian angel of my MAGA internet beat, is speaking. He’s largely been a behind-the-scene presence who’s rumored to be the only other person with access to Trump’s Twitter account, but quite a few of his social media postings in the past referenced the QAnon community, long before Marjorie Taylor Greene became a phenomenon. If he says “Where we go one, we go all” or any other QAnon-linked phrases tonight, I won’t be surprised. But I will probably need a big glass of bourbon after this livestream.

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