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Why not everything should be controlled by voice

But enough about my upbringing. The other in-your-face concern is privacy. Spying, not to put too fine a point on it. That’s what sank Aristotle: fear of the corporation watching your kid. Amazon Echo and Google Home keep your voice data unless you personally delete it. In January 2017, the L.A. Times ran a story about Amazon Echo eavesdropping during a possible murder. According to Electronic Freedom Foundation attorney Lee Tien, “You don’t know how they record, and you don’t when they’re recording. We know that there’s supposed to be a trigger word, but what’s not clear to me is exactly what’s going on when you haven’t said it, because in order for a voice command to turn on, it’s got to be on in some sense in the first place.” In August 2017, McClatchy DC explained that privacy advocates were wary of data collection schemes through EULAs. “For now, news about how companies collect data emerges in bite-sized stories.” Did you know Roomba maps your home?

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