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White House says Obama will sign law extending Iran sanctions

President Obama is expected to sign into law a measure extending sanctions against Iran for 10 years, the White House said Friday.

“We believe the Iran Sanctions Act extension is not necessary, but we also believe it won’t interfere with the Iran [nuclear] deal,” said deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz. “I would expect the president to sign this piece of legislation.”

Administration officials lobbied lawmakers to drop the measure, saying the president already has sweeping authority to reimpose sanctions that were lifted under a nuclear agreement with Iran. The White House is worried that the move could undermine moderates in Iran.

But lawmakers in both parties said the legislation was needed to warn Tehran about consequences if it violates the terms of the nuclear deal.

“Congress’ action today should send a signal to the Iranian government and to the world that the United States is serious about enforcement of the nuclear agreement,” Sen. Ben Cardin, Maryland Democrat, said in a statement after the Senate’s 99-0 vote on Thursday.

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