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Where do we go from here? We fight.

I’ll be writing much more about the election, what it means, and where we all go from here in the days ahead.

But first I decided to speak.

In the Facebook Live chat below, I discuss the election aftermath. And I’m not going to sugarcoat things — it’s going to be bad. But one thing I’ve learned in politics over the past 30 years is that things change, often quite quickly and dramatically. And things can go from sunny to cloudy to sunny again in a matter of a handful of years.

Life doesn’t end with the advent of the Trump presidency. It’s going to be a disaster, it’s going to hurt our country, and it’s going to set back a lot of the issues and causes we care about. But there’s something we can do. We can refuse to sit back quietly and let the Republicans roll over us. We can fight back.

The Republicans are the kings of minority mayhem.  They excel at causing trouble in Congress even when they’re not the majority party. Now it’s Democrats’ turn, in Congress and in public life.

I’ll be talking about this some more in the video below, and in my writings as we move forward. It’s going to be bad, but there is something we can do. We can fight back. It’s hard work, but it works.

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