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What if there is no reality — and this is all a bad Netflix series?

We might be forced to conclude that the Trump White House was inadvertently acting out a rerun of the Watergate scandal — at one-quarter speed, and vastly lower wattage — because its staff were imprisoned by the stupidest possible iteration of Karl Marx’s maxim about history repeating itself. Rather than, say, that some ambitious team of writers had crafted an arch, knowing satire full of overwrought stereotypes and obvious nods at history.

I’m not claiming the TV show we’re in is all that great, which is a little disappointing. But if somebody else wrote it, at least we can’t be held responsible. It certainly has its strengths, especially in Season 1, which had street fights, dramatic courtroom showdowns and slapstick supporting characters. The main guy, yelling at everybody like Mussolini and tweeting from his gold-plated toilet? (Fine, they didn’t come up with that detail till later.) What an amazing antihero! Totally compelling and horrible. I’m pretty much OK with the fact that Bob, the lantern-jawed prosecutor, never says anything. It’s very “Twin Peaks”! I worry, though, that when they finally let him talk it’ll be a total anticlimax and everyone will be super sad.

They wrote Sean off the show, and he was pretty played out, though a lot of people think his replacement, Sarah the Christian mom, is way too broad and kind of sexist. (I don’t think real Christian moms from Arkansas really sound like that.) Kellyanne got shoved into the background because she was super-hated for being blonde and thin and lying all the time. But Hope, who seems smarter and lies just as much, was promoted to a major role, and has seriously divided the fan base. Steve, the self-appointed barfly genius everybody loved to hate, got suddenly chucked out right at the beginning of Season 2. What a twist! Will he be back next season, if there is one? There’s a lot of debate about that.

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