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Welcome to our new Resistance podcast

I have joined with my longtime friend and progressive colleague Cliff Schecter in launching a new podcast dedicated to empowering the Resistance, called “UnPresidented.”

We do a minimum of two episodes per week. Half are open to everyone, and half are subscriber-only. We’re asking for a minimum subscription of $ 5/month, which is standard for most podcasts.

You can check out the free episodes on iTunes, Patreon, SoundCloud, Google Play and many other services. And you can subscribe to our premium episodes on Patreon.

What would be a great help in addition to signing up for the premium episodes is also subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, and then rating/reviewing it. If we get enough subscriptions and ratings/reviews in the first few weeks, iTunes may feature us in their “New & Noteworthy” section, which would be a huge boost. We have 32 ratings as of this writing, so your additional rating would be HUGELY important and helpful. Thanks.

Now, if you know my politics, Cliff’s are no different. We are proud Democrats who are also proud progressives — we’re here to fight the right, but we never shy away from taking our party to task when needed. At UnPresidented we believe that whatever our differences on the left, the way to win on the issues we care about, from immigration to civil rights, health care and climate, is for all of us to come together and resist Donald Trump.

We already have at least four free episodes up, and one premium, so there’s ample for you to check out. Here’s a list of our first five:

Thanks as always for your support. Progressivism activism is what I do for a living. So your donations matter — they literally finance my work. So thank you for your continued support. I really do appreciate it.


John Aravosis
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