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WATCH: Bill Maher goes “through puberty” while reading a Russian spy novel

Bill Maher took the stage Friday night on Real Time to talk about the “Russian spy novel” we’ve all been reading, referring to the current administration’s clear ties to Russia. Flummoxed a bit and unable to get the words out, he told his audience he is going through puberty.

“First the National Security Advisor has to step down because we found out he was lying about talking to the Russians, and now our Attorney General, a thousand-year old cracker named Jeff Sessions, had to recuse himself…it’s like six degrees of Kevin Putin,” Maher joked, referring to the popular culture saying “six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” a Hollywood-derived term used when one is somehow connected to an unrelated person.

He wondered why the administration needed to meet with Russia so often, and commented that Trump was disappointed that “all this Russia” talk took away from his “big moment” last Tuesday, when Trump “made a big-boy speech” by sticking to the teleprompter, for once. “Actually, what happened is that someone from Price Waterhouse gave him the wrong speech!” joked Maher.

Maher lambasted the media for pandering to Trump after his speech.  “For one hour, he lashes himself to the mast, and refrains from yelling at department stores and making fun of the handicapped, and the media is like, “he became president tonight!”” Then he added, “He read WORDS off a teleprompter in front of adults, the same thing the Olsen twins did at seven!”

Even NPR joined in, said Maher, when it noted that the president “pushed the reset button Tuesday night.” Maher said that wouldn’t work, because “you can’t unplug him and plug him back in again!”

Alli Joseph

Alli Joseph is a writer/producer and family historian; a Native New Yorker, she is a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Alli Joseph.

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