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Van Jones tells Trump supporter Kayleigh “you need to back off”

Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany decided she was going to school progressive commentator Van Jones on CNN tonight on all the “unfair” press Donald Trump has gotten for being an extremist.

As Kayleigh explains it, Donald Trump is a great, caring man who has simply been misunderstood due to a massive liberal plot to smear his good name.

Van tried to explain that, in fact, Trump’s reputation is suffering, and people across America are terrified at his impending presidency, because of Trump’s own abominable words and proposed policies.

Kayleigh then tried to shut Van down, and he was having none of it. Van turned to Kayleigh and said, “you don’t need to lecture me on the stakes, you need to back off.”

It was delicious and well-deserved. There’s an arrogance permeating Team Trump. They think they’re the victims of Muslims and Latinos and women and members of the LGBT community who believe Donald Trump’s promises to set back our rights, our families and our communities.

Silly us for believing that Donald Trump means what he says.

Anyone who thinks the Trump Campaign is going to try to work with us to make America better, is deluding themselves. Republicans in Washington don’t work with anyone but themselves. This they proved this last year when they refused to even hold a vote on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. The notion that Donald Trump is somehow going to get Republicans to turn another leaf, and become warm and fuzzy, is only credible to someone who hasn’t been listening to Donald Trump over the last 18 months.

And we have.

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