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Trump’s Asshole Voter Suppression Commission Met Today And Elijah Cummings IS PISSED

The very model of badassery

Today was the first public meeting of Donald Trump’s very “distinguished” Only Whites (And Ken Blackwell) Should Be Allowed To Vote commission, and it was every bit the shitshow you’d expect. As Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern explains, everybody got to take turns with the talking stick to say why they are a moron with a 75 IQ who believes “rampant voter fraud” is a real thing in America. We’ve already gone over how genetically deficient white supremacist and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s little commission is absolute bullshit, predicated on President ThinSkinned McWeakSad’s unfounded, ego-stroking belief that he not only won the Electoral College by HISTORIC(ally tiny) MARGINS, but that he also would have won the popular vote if Hillary Clinton hadn’t bussed in millions of illegal voters from Guadalajara.

We’ll have a longer post in the morning on what happened during Wednesday’s meeting, but we wanted to go ahead and share what Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, Wonkette’s perennial Legislative Badass of the Year, had to say about Kobach’s little un-American fuckshow:

We want you to actually read this, so to be service-y, we will transcribe:

I have told both President Trump and Vice President Pence that a credible investigation on ‘election integrity’ cannot be conducted without also investigating voter suppression and Russian interference in the 2016 election. Unfortunately, after watching the first meeting of the Commission, it is clear that they did not heed my warnings. Instead, they will spend taxpayer dollars to investigate voter fraud, which we already know does not exist.

I am old enough to remember when African Americans were denied access to the ballot box, and I fear that we are watching history repeat itself. This is a fight that will define the kind of country we will leave behind for our children and for generations yet unborn. I plan on fighting vigorously against all efforts to suppress the vote, and I urge my fellow Americans to do the same. This is our watch.

To be clear, the only reason they are doing this, and the only reason Kris Kobach has been on his (unproductive!) vote-suppressing Crusade for YEARS, is that these fucking assholes, these unpatriotic, anti-American mason jars full of factory-farmed dogshit know it’s the only way they’ll keep white supremacy in power in these United States of America. We have the numbers. They have voter suppression.

In that spirit, watch Kris Kobach lie his malignant ass off to MSNBC’s Katy Tur about the popular vote result in the 2016 election:

TUR: You think that maybe Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote?

KOBACH: We may never know the answer to that question.

OH REALLY? Tell us, you ratfucking bastard, which is more likely: that Hillary Clinton’s THREE MILLION FUCKING VOTE win in the popular vote is questionable, or that Donald Trump’s tiny little pussy 70,000 vote margin in three key states that gave him the election might have been LI’L BIT CATTYWAMPUS?

Which side are you on, motherfuckers? Which side are you on? Now you may OPEN THREAD.

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