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Trump v. Clinton (again)

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This is still relevant, considering the coverage of Trump varies by medium.
Many criticized President-elect Trump for engaging in conflicts of interest, along with being a racist and a xenophobe, among other shameful names. Indeed Mr. Trump made inappropriate comments. However, Mrs. Clinton received far less criticism for her inappropriate conduct. First, she made disparaging remarks about people who abide by their sincere religious beliefs, and her party associated with a group seeking to negatively infiltrate the Catholic Church. Second, her supposed charity The Clinton Foundation is a major conflict of interest. This charity paid for the wedding and high-end apartment of Chelsea Clinton. In fact, Mrs. Clinton never, during her presidential campaign, boasted of any benefit conferred by the Foundation in this country. If her Foundation significantly contributed to the well-being of Americans, then Mrs. Clinton would have made sure voters knew of those feats.
At least, Mr. Trump was open and honest about his views. Only through leaked videos did the public realize how Mrs. Clinton felt about certain people. Plus, she never denied the veracity of those videos. Had the videos portrayed Mrs. Clinton in a false light, she would have tenaciously defended herself. Voters need a frank candidate to make an informed vote.

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