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Trump tweets, then deletes, ANOTHER attack on Hamilton cast

Ladies and gentlemen, we have elected a Twitter-troll as president-elect of the United States.

Donald Trump today went off on a tirade against the cast of the blockbuster musical “Hamilton” for having the temerity to express a positive view of democracy to the incoming vice president of the United States, Mike Pence.

I go into some detail about HamiltonGate in my earlier article on this subject, and here are Trump’s tweets from this morning:


Then, this evening, in another seeming fit of rage, Trump went off AGAIN on the Hamilton cast. This screen grab was taken by me at 6:46pm Central time Saturday evening.


But then, less than an hour later, the tweet is gone — Trump deleted it:


And lest Trump claim otherwise, the Tweet was there an hour ago — I still have it open on my laptop, and just took this shot:


There is something wrong with Trump. He has the temperament of a child; a child with nuclear weapons.

The one good thing about Trump’s Twitter feed is that it’s a treasure trove of intelligence; a veritable Rorschach test of Trump’s mind. As an advocate, Trump’s timeline is a recipe for reverse-engineering what makes the incoming president tick and go boom. If you want to press Trump’s buttons, they’re all laid out in technicolor on Twitter.

And that’s the bad side of all of the theater surrounding Trump’s childlike obsession with social media, and his image. Vladimir Putin and America’s enemies are also reading Trump’s Twitter timeline. They too are learning not simply how to play our next president like a fiddle, but the fact that he is eminently playable.

And that is dangerous as hell.

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