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Trump tweets Russia conspiracy theories about his enemies, but nothing about mass arrests in Russia

While Donald Trump has published a number of tweets about Russia in the past few week, none of them have been about the hundreds of journalists and protesters arrested by Russian authorities during peaceful protests across that country this past Sunday.

Trump has been prolific, however, in tweeting about Russia when it comes to attempting to divert attention from the ongoing House and Senate Intelligence Committee investigations of Trump, his family, and his staff.

This continues an ongoing theme with Trump in which he will criticize anyone, especially US allies, but not ever Vladimir Putin or Russia.

Here are a few of Trump’s recent tweets about Russia, none of which deal with the clampdown in Russia:

In the tweet below, Trump is talking about a debunked conspiracy theory about Hillary allegedly selling uranium to Russia. The Washington Post gave Trump’s claims “four Pinocchios” — meaning, it’s an outright, blatant lie.


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