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Trump tweet-attacks Muslim mayor of London for being soft on terror

On the heels of a series of terrorist attacks in London that left 7 dead and 48 wounded, Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to attack the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, for being soft on terror.

Particularly interesting is that Trump’s attack-tweet echoes a similar Twitter attack his son Don Jr. made against the mayor this past March, immediately following a previous attack.

It’s difficult to believe that the two Trumps are attacking the same mayor in the immediate aftermath of two terrorist attacks for the same alleged reason: because the mayor’s quotes allegedly show that he is soft on terror. It’s more plausible, in my mind, that this is happening because Mayor Khan is Muslim.

Here is Trump this morning:

Note Trump’s reference to being politically correct — that’s code for “Muslims.”

Here is Don Jr’s (the angry son) earlier attack on the mayor this past March:

donald trump jr

In the earlier criticism, Trump Jr. took the mayor’s quote out of context. In fact, the mayor of London was explaining that citizens have to be ever-vigilant because terrorism has become a fact of life in the modern world. And the mayor’s is a fair point.

It’s unclear what set Trump Sr. off this morning, but considering the attack is the same one his son Don Jr. made two months ago, it’s hard not to believe they’re related in some way. It’s also hard not to believe that this ongoing Trump family attack on the mayor of London, calling him soft on terror, isn’t related to the mayor being Muslim.

Also disturbing, Trump’s emotional social media director, Dan Scavino Jr., also attacked the Mayor of London this morning on Twitter. Scavino wrote that Trump’s criticism of the mayor was payback for the mayor criticizing Trump 13 months ago during the campaign.

So Donald Trump is making terrorism policy, and ruining our relations with our number one ally, based on his personal pet peeves from the campaign.

Putting that aside, this is an idiotic and ill-conceived move by the Trump family. Twice now, the eponymous Donalds have attacked the Brits in the hours following a major terror attack on their country. This is not what normal human beings do, it is not what allies do. It is, however, consistent with Trump Sr.’s disastrous recent visit to NATO and the G7. Trump pretty much alienated everyone.

Our unpresidented disaster strikes again.

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