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Trump to announce Iraq, Afghanistan U.S. troops drawdown

President Trump will announce a further drawdown of U.S. troops from Iraq on Wednesday, and a withdrawal of more troops from Afghanistan in the coming days, a senior administration official said Tuesday night.

The official made the comment to reporters on Air Force One as the president returned to Washington from a campaign event in North Carolina.

The president told supporters in Winston-Salem that he’s been keeping his promise to end wars overseas.

“We kept America out of new wars, and we’re bringing our troops back home,” the president said. “We’re bringing them back home from all of these faraway places.”

Reuters reported last month that the U.S. was expected to reduce troops in Iraq by a third, from 5,200 to 3,500.

Mr. Trump said this summer that the U.S. is working on a deal that would reduce troop levels in Afghanistan from 8,500 to between 4,000 and 5,000 before Election Day.

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Source: www.washingtontimes.com stories: Politics

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