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Trump supporters plan ‘Pittsburgh Not Paris’ rally in Washington

President Trump’s supporters plan to hold a “Pittsburgh Not Paris” rally Saturday in front of the White House to demonstrate support for his decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement, countering expected protests by Democrats and liberal activists.

The rally, named after Mr. Trump’s remark about representing “citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris” when announcing he was ripping up the Obama-era agreement, was organized by the Republican Party of Fairfax Country, Virginia, in the D.C. suburbs.

The Trump campaign urged the president’s supporters in the area to attend the event Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon across from the White House in Lafayette Square.

Mr. Trump has been the target of fierce ridicule from the left — from being called a “climate denier” to being accused of jeopardizing the future of mankind — over his decision to exit from the 190-nation agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

He said he pulled out because the deal was bad for the U.S. economy and unfair, imposing more burdens on the U.S. than top polluters China and India.

“His job saving decision has driven the left crazy, and hundreds are expected to march in Washington D.C. to protest President Trump’s actions” said the email invitation by the Fairfax GOP. “Now, more than ever, President Trump needs your support!”

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