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Trump shakes-and-yanks French First Lady’s hand

Donald Trump arrived in Paris this morning, and true to form, shaked and yanked French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

Trump has been criticized before for his odd penchant of yanking the arm of whomever he is shaking hands with, in an apparent show of dominance.

French President Emanuel Macron famously yanked back when he first met Trump a few weeks ago. Which really ticked off Trump, according to press reports.

And now Trump meets the French First Lady and yanks her arm like one of the boys he’s trying to dominate. You can see how entire body move to the right as he yanks her. He simply can’t help himself.

Trump-yank-french first-lady-francex

Trump then, later, commented on First Lady Macron’s looks:

For more background on Trump’s creepy shake-and-yank handshake, CNN’s Jeanne Moos did a great synopsis, with video!

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