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Trump lashes out over losing popular vote, says millions voted illegally

In an astonishing claim that could argue for a recount of the entire vote nationwide, Donald Trump claimed this afternoon that “millions” over people “voted illegally” in the presidential election.

Trump added, in an impulsive series of tweets, that he would have won the popular vote had the alleged “millions” not voted illegally.

First the tweets, then a discussion:

trump populate vote fraud

The incoming President of the United States claims that we have such massive voter fraud that millions of people voted illegally — so many in fact that they switched the winner in the popular vote. That is one heck of a claim, and on its face could argue for a nationwide recount and audit of the vote. A recount to double-check the numbers; and an audit to ensure that the numbers are correct, e.g., there was no cheating, no hacking, etc.

Trump’s “millions of votes stolen” claim is also astounding in that it shows just how bothered Trump is by the fact that Hillary Clinton is now beating Trump in the popular vote by at least 2.2 million votes, or by 1.4 points. I ran the numbers yesterday, and Trump’s is the 3rd weakest election of a president in American history. And if you look at the raw numbers, the 2.2 million loss to Hillary, Trump’s is the worst “victory” ever.

To call Trump’s popular-vote loss to Hillary a lack of a mandate is an understatement. Hillary Clinton arguably received the mandate on November 8, while the public voted in record numbers to repudiate Donald Trump.

And that is why Trump is now openly freaking out on Twitter, as many of us predicted he would — just not this soon. Only 8 hours ago I predicted that if you want to get under Trump’s skin, question his legitimacy. Today’s tweets prove that I was right.


Trump likes to come across as a paragon of strength. But like all bullies, there’s a kernel of weakness and insecurity underlying and motivating the bluster. Trump’s life has been one long attempt to be accepted into the big-boys’ club. Trump desperately wants respect from the New York Times and New York’s wealthy elite, but Trump’s Jed Clampett tastes (you know foreign dignitaries are howling after visiting Trump’s Liberace-inspired Saudi palace in Trump Tower) and boorish personality (“pussy grabbing” comes to mind) means Trump will never be more than a pathetic, vulgar joke to those he pines for the most.

And that is why losing the popular vote by such a spectacular number has so unmoored Donald Trump that he is lashing out on Twitter, even after he won the election. It’s the ultimate slap in the face in what should be Trump’s ultimate conquest. If becoming the leader of the free world isn’t enough to wipe away Trump’s stench of mediocrity, then nothing else can.

The fact that Donald Trump will be a minority president, and the fact that even in winning Trump is a loser, is finally sinking in over at Trump Tower.

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