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Trump Knows What Native American Veterans Like, And It Is Racist Pocahontas Jokes!

We’re running out of ways to say the president is a disgusting piece of shit.

Donald Trump had a nice event at the White House on Monday. At a ceremony honoring Navajo code talkers, who served in World War II and used their language to send secret messages that helped the US win the Battle Of Iwo Jima, he mostly shut his mouth and let one of the veterans do the talking.

Then he decided quiet time was over, and showed those Native American veterans his one true talent, which is hurling racism at the people he’s supposed to be honoring:

You’re very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas. But you know what? I like you. Because you are special. You are special people, you are really incredible people.

LOL! Just kidding, the Native American veterans didn’t laugh, we guess because they’ve been playing hooky from the Breitbart comments section for literally their whole lives, and thus did not get the president’s hilarious #joke.

Did we mention Trump was standing in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the vicious white supremacist trash prince who started the Trail Of Tears when he signed the Indian Removal Act? Trump wouldn’t know those #HistoryFacts (because on top of being a racist, he’s fucking stupid) but those veterans sure do.

What’s next, President White Hood? Gonna use the N-word next time you talk to the surviving widow of a black soldier killed under questionable circumstances? Maybe you’ll compliment her for not talking jive?

Also too, next question: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM? We are running out of ways to express how embarrassed we are that this shit-caked hemorrhoid sits in our most hallowed office.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened her trap about this at Monday’s briefing:

I think what most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.


Now, did Elizabeth Warren really lie about her Native American heritage, which is why wingnuts VERY HILARIOUSLY call her “Pocahontas”? Ahem, not really. But it gives wingnuts an opportunity to be racist, which is basically the only thing they have left in the world. They’re too stupid to be trained for 21st century jobs, after all, and the coal mine closed last year.

Apropos of nothing, Donald Trump actually did lie about his German heritage for years, saying his grandpappy was fresh off the boat from Sweden, but you don’t see Wonkette giving the Swedish Chef first prize and joking about “BORK BORK BORK, THERE’S A PUSSGRABBING RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE ASSET IN THE WHITE HOUSE PRETENDING HE’S SWEDISH, BORK BORK!”

Wait, did that joke even make sense? Who cares, here is a .gif of the Swedish Chef, who is definitely not Donald Trump’s long-lost brother:

Anyway, this is your open thread, so please enjoy this video of Donald Trump in 1993 flapping his white supremacist yap about “Indian blood.” (You know, in case you were thinking his comments today were evidence of his declining mental health and not part of a decades-long pattern.) Or spare yourself the video and just keep watching that hilarious .gif of the Swedish Chef gettin’ ready to chainsaw some punkins to death. Your choice.

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