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Trump just told every company in America to move jobs abroad

Hey corporate America, if you want some quick tax breaks, announce that you’re moving some jobs abroad.

Some quid pro quo just happened with Carrier, a company that claims to be keeping 1,000 jobs here in the US after Trump allegedly “negotiated” a deal with them.

Putting aside for a moment that Trump is a documented liar, so who knows whether the Carrier deal has any substance at all, Carrier must have gotten something in exchange for claiming that it will keep 1,000 jobs in America.

And that means every other American company now has an incentive to move jobs abroad, in the hopes that Donald Trump will give them something in return for publicly claiming they’re keeping the jobs here.

That creates an awful economic incentive that threatens to do the exact opposite of what Trump promised, keep jobs at home.

How long until Ivanka threatens daddy for a tax break, or else?

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