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Trump Jr. attacks mayor of London after terror attack

Showing remarkably bad timing, Donald Trump Jr. today attacked the mayor of London following a terror attack in that city today.

Trump Jr. chose the occasion of the deadly attack to chastise the mayor of London, who is Muslim, for the mayor’s views on terror — which Trump Jr. misinterpreted from a six-month old news article.

This continued an ongoing theme in the Trump family of attacking major US allies (but not Russia). Just last week, Donald Trump Sr. held a disastrous meeting with the German chancellor, only to criticize Germany the next day via Twitter for something that wasn’t even true. (Trump thinks Germany and other NATO members owe “dues” to NATO. They do not.)

Also last week, White House spokesman Sean Spicer openly accused the British government of illegally spying on Trump during the campaign. That too was untrue.

And now we have Trump’s son criticizing a top US ally’s terrorism strategy on the day that ally is under attack.

Specifically, Trump Jr. was upset about an article from last September in which the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, explained that citizens have to be ever-vigilant because terrorism has become a fact of life in the modern world.

Trump Jr. appears to have misinterpreted the article as Khan being soft on terror.

donald trump jr

Like father like son.

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