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Trump is fixated on how long French President Macron held his hand

In his now already-infamous interview with the NYT’s Maggie Haberman, Donald Trump went off, a lot, about the fact that French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron held his hand.

Now, I’ve lived in France a lot. And I’ve never had a Frenchman hold my hand. It’s not really done. Not like it is (was?) in Italy, where straight guys in the south will (at least would a few decades back) hold hands platonically. In France? No way.

If Macron did this, it was on purpose.

First, here’s what Trump claimed:

All I can imagine is that Trump is talking about that uncomfortable long handshake they had at the Bastille Day parade. This is the one where Trump pulled so hard, he yanked Macron off his balance:

They held hands a LONG time.

I have to think that Macron did this as a sort of counter to Trump’s notorious man-shaking handshake. Remember that Macron played Trump in May at the NATO summit, by pretending to walk over to shake hands with Trump, and then at the last moment veering over to German leader Angela Merkel instead. If Trump felt that Macron was holding his hand too long, I think Macron did it on purpose.

Speaking of Macrons and hands, Trump also shaked-and-yanked Macron’s wife, Brigitte, on arriving in Paris recently.

Trump-yank-french first-lady-francex

Trump later made a sexist comment about what “good shape” Mrs. Macron was in.

So Mr. Macron had plenty of reason to try to psych out Trump. And it appears he did.

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