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Trump claims to have most effective administration since Truman. It’s another huge lie.

Donald Trump yesterday claimed that he has had the most effective first-year of any president since Truman, who held the earlier record (Trump claimed) — but now, Trump has even beat Truman!

Except it was all a lie.

Trump didn’t beat Truman. Truman didn’t hold the record — Kennedy did. And in fact, Trump has had the least effective first-year of any president, including Truman.

CNN had a great chart this morning, listing the number of bills signed in each president’s first year. Trump fared the worst:

trump first year legislative recorda

All of this might be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. The man is a pathological liar, whose words mean nothing. That’s a dangerous trait for a president of the United States, whose words can start wars. But just as troubling is the fact that Trump seems not-all-there in the head. It’s difficult to imagine someone so willing to lie so boldly about a fact that’s easily checked. Sane people tend not to do such things. Trump, on the other hand, simply doesn’t care.

And to lie with such specificity — claiming falsely that Truman held the record before him. It’s creepy and troubling.

Had this been any other administration, and in particular a Democratic administration, there would be never-ending challenges to the White House about the president’s propensity for lying. Hillary was pilloried for getting wrong some of the details of her many foreign trips; as was Al Gore for misstating parts of his record. Trump lies with every breath, and we all roll our eyes with a Reaganesque “there he goes again.”

Here’s CNN’s quick report on it, with video of Trump’s claim:

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