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Trudeau on Trump: ‘He Actually Does Listen’

TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada said Thursday that he had a productive relationship with President Trump despite their broad differences, but also warned that the United States might harm only itself if it reduced trade ties with Canada. He was speaking at an event organized by The New York Times and the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Here are highlights of the interview.

Working With Trump


When Two Leaders Talk

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada discussed his relationship with President Trump.

Photo by Ian Willms for The New York Times.

Mr. Trudeau spoke in some detail about his relationship with Mr. Trump and rejected the widespread perception that the president does not listen to opposition views, prompting laughter from some in the audience. But he argued that, at least in his experience, Mr. Trump had remained consistent.

“I have always found that whenever he has made an engagement to me or a commitment to me on the phone or in person, he followed through on that, and that is someone you can work with,” Mr. Trudeau said.

Prediction: Nafta Will Survive


Trudeau on Canada’s Importance to U.S.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada was “far more important” than the U.S. realized.

Photo by Ian Willms for The New York Times.

Mr. Trudeau, while not naming Mr. Trump, challenged the president’s protectionist trade talk by repeatedly pointing out the American jobs and other economic benefits created by the North American Free Trade Agreement. The benefits from Nafta for the United States, Mr. Trudeau said, are so significant that there is no possibility that the pact will collapse and no need for a Canadian contingency plan.

Source: NYT > World

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