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Tom Cole argues Republicans are doing the moral thing by fixing Obamacare

Rep. Tom Cole argued Friday that Republicans are doing the moral thing by trying to fix Obamacare instead of letting it collapse.

Responding to the Congressional Budget Office’s new score of the Republican health care plan, which estimates that 23 million fewer people will have access to health care, Mr. Cole said the legislation is still better than Obamacare as it currently stands.

“It’s a very unpopular and very failed system. It just has not worked well,” Mr. Cole, Oklahoma Republican, said on CNN. “We could sit here and let it collapse on its own and blame the Democrats, that would be the politically astute thing to do, but it’s morally wrong.”

He also said the process is not over yet, since the Senate is still drafting its own legislation and is expected to take its time in doing so.

“We’re midway through the process. We’ll see where we end up,” Mr. Cole said.

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