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The White House Wins the War on Christmas

In the 1890s, President Benjamin Harrison became the first U.S. president (that we know of) to dress up as Santa Claus. Realizing that his sizable beard worked to his advantage, he would put on a Santa suit at Christmastime to entertain his grandchildren. He is also credited with bringing the first Christmas tree into the White House.

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that White House Christmases went from relatively private affairs to elaborate celebrations, marked by public ceremonies and official events taking place over several weeks. And, the decorations! This year, more than 100 years after Harrison brought in the first tree, the White House is decked out with 63 trees, 70,000 ornaments and 56 gingerbread houses.

One thing is for certain: If there’s a war on Christmas, the White House is definitely winning it. Here, for your holiday perusal, are photos of presidents past and present celebrating the yuletide, both in public and private.

Source: POLITICO – TOP Stories

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