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The Shambling Mound’s Ninth Week

There is something special about a shambling mound. Whilst composed of rotting vegetable matter they are semi-intelligent, and although perhaps quite at the level to satisfy constitutional requirements for Lord Mayor of the Global Village, the sometimes can move in an apparent willful direction. At others times however, their movements seem completely random, directed by their emotions alone. And so it was this week.

The bizarre wire-tapping claims went a step further following Sean Spicer’s claim that Obama was in cahoots with the British to spy on Lord Dampnut. It didn’t come at a great time, as the Senate Intelligence Committee determined there was no evidence to support Lord Dampnut’s claim, leaving court jester Spicer looking even more silly, if such a thing was possible.

Continuing the “let’s insult our European allies” tour, the embarrassing handshake snub the previous week had a new and additional twist. Lord Dampnut – now famed for his promises of additional military expenditure – suggested that Germany owes money to NATO and the US. As Twitter is apparently the place to do these things, a former U.S. Ambassador to NATO decided to teach him a lesson.

But maybe there is a reason for all this. Foreign affairs, perhaps of a more literal kind, followed in the new week as it was revealed from the Director of the FBI, James Comey, that Lord Dampnut and his colleagues were indeed under investigation by the FBI over their contracts with Russia. Just to add salt into the wounds the FBI also confirmed that Lord Dampnut’s claims on wiretapping by the Obama were false.

The remainder of the week was spent on that signature campaign attempting to overthrow that horrific attack on the freedom to suffer illness, the Affordable Care Act. Of course, this requires negotiation and when you’re used to giving orders to underlings, the results can be unexpected. Whilst nervous nellies of more conservative disposition didn’t actually agree with too many people dying in the streets, the rugged individuals in the Freedom Caucus, who do believe in the right of every American to suffer in inverse proportion to their wealth, pulled the plug on supporting the repeal. Appropriate to his style, an ultimatum was issued.

Still, it’s not all work without play. High on the list this week was the necessity to declare war against kittens, because apparently bullies don’t appreciate ridicule. After putting those kitties in their place, what better way to celebrate than pretending to drive A BIG TRUCK.

Source: Talk politics.

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