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The right-wing war on dissent: Ousted “white genocide” professor speaks

With the help of the Republican Party, the right-wing news media, and his legions of followers, President Donald Trump has attempted to silence dissent. Part of this campaign involves a coordinated assault on the concept of critical thinking and those individuals who dare to protest against his policies.

The right-wing assault on the American people and their capacity to resist Donald Trump and his movement has many elements: delegitimizing the free press; harassing and imprisoning political protesters and others who dare to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights of free speech and assembly; creating a malignant alternate universe through propaganda; supporting Christian fascism; cultivating ignorance and stupidity; eliminating restraints on corporate power; destroying the social safety net; growing the culture of cruelty and the surveillance and punishment state; and encouraging violence against liberals, progressives, and any other group or individuals whom conservatives view as “un-American.”

Donald Trump and the broader right-wing movement have singled out America’s educational system as a particular target of interest. Educated and literate citizens are a bulwark against the type of authoritarianism which afflicts sick and weakened democracies. To that end, across the United States, the right-wing movement is engaging in an expansive campaign of harassment, intimidation and other threats of violence against college professors and other educators they view as “radical” and “dangerous.” As envisioned by Trump and his right-wing allies, the American school system should produce drone-like workers who are compliant and efficient, lacking the ability to function as democratically engaged citizens who hold their leaders accountable.

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