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The Dakota pipeline

I don't know why it took them so long, but both government and business might have started taking Native Americans seriously at least a tad more than they used to.

Standing Rock victory: Native American tribes and environmental protesters celebrate as Dakota Access oil pipeline permit is rejected

Fabulous result, but beware. The right will hate this forever and try to overturn it. In fact I expect Trump to overturn this "development" on day one of his presidency. Why? Because the right hates this outcome. For them it's wrong for three big reasons.

1) It interferes with profits for a company (well, the Carrier case is another intervention as we already commented, but still… hypocrisy can be a biach);
2) It represents a victory for indigenous Americans, and the right will hate that with extreme aggression;
3) It was the Obama administration who did it – you know, black president born in Kenya. What's not to hate here, eh?

The Sioux (and other Native Americans) have for centuries been voicing their concerns about encroachment on their land and the genocide of their people, all to no avail. It was way past time they were listened to, even if they had to go through tremendous lengths and endure amazing amounts of harassment as a price. But as they say, "white man speaks with fork tongue" – so we may yet see more of the same the standard theft of Native land and resources that the US was built on so white Americans could brag about being a "free" people.

Sadly, this is probably not the end of the story. It would be totally out of character for the US to honor an agreement with the indigenous peoples it has subjected to genocide and theft on such a scale for so many centuries.

Source: Talk politics.

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