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The Brexit treatment: Now Donald Trump voters are realizing they made a huge mistake

In May, United Kingdom residents were convinced that it would be in their best interests to vote to leave the European Union. It was a choice that some voters quickly, and almost immediately, regretted.

So perhaps it’s no confidence that Donald Trump called himself “Mr. Brexit.”

“Trumpgrets” is a Tumblr page dedicated to searching and cataloging voters who are tweeting their displeasure with the next administration. Take, for example, Deplorable Jeff, an NRA life member whose Twitter bio reads, “We did it! The country spoke. This election was about saving The Forgotten Man!” but wants the Republican Party to now forget about its long-held intention to gut Medicare.

Ironically, while making this post, and embedding his tweet about losing affordable government-run healthcare, Jeff tweeted this:

Or this woman, who loves Trump, but is really scared that he’s nominating someone that’s going to gut public education.


How about Joe Walsh, a Trump supporter who is suddenly anxious that a businessman doesn’t know “how the free market works.”


The full feed, brought to our attention by Vocativ, is a welcome read for people who are nervous of the upcoming administration and want just the smallest hint of schadenfreude.

Jeremy Binckes is the cover editor at Salon.com.

Jeremy Binckes.

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