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The Adventures Of Queenie And The Mooch, Starring The Queen And This Douchebag

Way back when (1970), Gore Vidal offered a hilarious summary of a real ambassador to the Court of St. James, Walter Annenberg, presenting his credentials to the Queen:

Annenberg appears at palace and forgets to remove a funny hat (early Chaplin, this); then he is briefed on how to begin the long march to the throne. “We start,” he is told sternly, “with our left foot.” Starting with the right foot, he approaches the Queen. With that graciousness for which she is insufficiently paid, Britannic Majesty asks if he is living at the embassy. Little does she know she is playing right into a Nixon joke. Like many Americans who inherit money and evade school, Annenberg has not an easy way with the President’s, much less the Queen’s English. At first startled by the difficulty of the question, Annenberg gives a great Bert Lahr Uhhh. Then, laboriously, he constructs the following answer (like all great acts, this one improves with each airing): “We’re in the embassy residence, subject, of course, to some of the discomfiture as a result of a need for, uh, elements of refurbishing and rehabilitation.” Then a perfectly timed reaction shot of the Queen looking as if a cigar had exploded in her face.

Source: Politics – Wonkette

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