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The 15 #MeToo Twitter accounts you need to follow

From Hollywood trailblazers to the women who’ve long committed their lives to fighting sexual violence

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The odious figure of Harvey Weinstein will always be central to the #MeToo movement. It’s the expansive accusations levied against him that broke the floodgates. But, as the creation of Time’s Up has demonstrated, Weinstein and Hollywood are just the beginning the entry points for a larger, previously existing and growing movement.

While almost every woman knows how pervasive sexual harassment and assault are in both the workplace and the world outside it, the visibility of women actors coming forward and sharing their experiences has many under the impression that #MeToo is a Hollywood phenomenon. Indeed, these women have been centered in most media coverage. But when actors took the prominent women activists who fight sexual misconduct in an array of industries to the Golden Globe Awards ceremony Sunday night, the stars helped raise the curtain on these campaigners and, to a limited extent, and then left the stage altogether.

It was a critical moment as the future of #MeToo must now turn its focus to women of all statures, classes, races, backgrounds and careers in order to effect real change for all. It’s a mission Time’s Up isn’t shying away from.

To keep on top of the progress made here, and to help expand your scope to see all the battlegrounds in this necessary fight, here’s a list of some of the women (and a man) in Hollywood who were trailblazers in this movement, and the lesser-known women who’ve long committed their lives to stopping sexual misconduct and abuse wherever it lives.

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