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Tell Congress to Hold Trump Accountable for Sexual Assault

On the same day that women are demanding justice for Donald Trump’s serial sexual assault, Senate Democrats are providing Trump cover.

Add your name: Demand that Democrats in Congress hold Donald Trump accountable for his already-confessed serial sexual assault.

In the past 24 hours, two Senate Democrats, Chris Coons and Ben Cardin, suggested that it wasn’t their job to hold Donald Trump accountable for sexual assault. The Democrats claimed that Congress has no mechanism to investigate Trump’s sexual assault (um, hearings anyone?), and, incredibly, they repeated an absurd Donald Trump White House talking point that the election last year exonerated Trump from such charges. (Here’s video of Coons.) Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave the exact same excuse today!

That’s preposterous. First, Hillary Clinton won the election last year — at least in terms of the popular vote. It’s absurd on its face to suggest that people voted in favor of sexual assault; but it’s equally false to make the claim when 3 million more people voted for Hillary. If anything, “the people” spoke AGAINST Trump.

The fact that two Democratic Senators made the exact same statement within a day of each other means they are repeating official Senate Democrat talking points. And that’s outrageous.

America is finally waking up to the horrors of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Democratic Senators went so far as to force Senator Al Franken to resign over such accusations. But when it comes to Donald Trump, we’re supposed to give him a pass?

I don’t think so.

Sign the petition, below or via this link, demand that Congressional Democrats hold Donald Trump as accountable as they do their own congressional colleagues.

John Aravosis
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