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Taliban Overrun Afghan City, Kill 30 People and Leave

Najib Danish, the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, declared the fighting over Wednesday, saying: “The whole Farah city is cleared from the Taliban. Around 300 members of the Taliban were killed in the fighting. House-to-house searching for the Taliban and clearance operation is underway.”

The governor of Farah Province, Basir Salangi, vowed revenge for the assault. “Security forces will follow the enemy in the districts as well, and military operations will continue until the Taliban are defeated in the province,” he said. “The Taliban will pay the price for attacking Farah.”

But across the country, the insurgents were claiming more territory on Wednesday. The Taliban said that two more areas had fallen to their fighters: Jaghatu district in Ghazni Province in the country’s southeast, and Dara-e Bom in Badghis Province in the northwest, according to a WhatsApp statement from the Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid.

In Badghis Province, Faiz Mohammad, the deputy governor, denied the Taliban assertion on Dara-e Bom. “This area is in government control, and the claims in this regard are untrue,” he said. Officials in Ghazni Province could not immediately be reached.

But Mirza Ali, the departing governor of Qades district, which includes Dara-e Bom, confirmed that government forces abandoned their defense of Dara-e Bom against the Taliban late Tuesday night.

He said that there had been 360 soldiers and police guarding the strategic area but that all had fled without offering resistance, allowing the insurgents to take control.

A provincial council member in Farah, Dadullah Qani, said that the insurgents left the city after Afghan security forces began searching for them house by house, and that they had left behind booby-trapped bombs.

Source: NYT > World

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