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How your health information is sold and turned into ‘risk scores’

No law prohibits collecting such data or using it in the exam room. The justification for risk scoring is the opioid epidemic, which kills about 130 Americans a day. | AP Photo/Patrick Sison health care Information used to gauge opioid [...]

Seven Investments to Protect Your Portfolio from a Stock Market Crash

By Hilary Kramer Wall Street is nervous. Earnings growth is deteriorating and stocks that were once household names are cratering. The yield curve has signaled that there will be a recession sometime in the next five years. Add a government [...]

‘More aggressive and in your face’: Newsom takes power in California

Incoming California Gov. Gavin Newsom takes office Monday as the golden boy of the state Democratic Party’s self-styled resistance. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images California The incoming governor has a powerful ally in fellow [...]

yes virginia your vote does count

‘A win’s a win’: Kentucky lawmaker wins statehouse seat by a single vote Have you ever thought a single vote doesn’t really count? Well, you’d be wrong — at least, if you voted in Kentucky. More specifically, in Kentucky’s state [...]

‘Tell Your Boss’: Recording Is Seen to Link Saudi Crown Prince More Strongly to Khashoggi Killing

WASHINGTON — Shortly after the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated last month, a member of the kill team instructed a superior over the phone to “tell your boss,” believed to be Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi [...]

Brennan to Trump: ‘Clean up your act’ and ‘try to act presidential’

Former CIA director John Brennan criticized President Donald Trump in a tweet on Thursday for his incendiary rhetoric and comments encouraging physical violence. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Former [...]

China Dispatch: Welcome to College. Your Parents Are in the Tents Next Door.

TIANJIN, China — When Yang Zheyu arrived at Tianjin University this fall for the start of his first year, he had all the essentials. Winter coat. Dictionary. Four pairs of shoes. Toothpaste. And a few hundred yards from his dormitory, [...]

The Manafort plea deal: Your questions answered

Last month, Paul Manfort (left, pictured with his spokesman Jason Maloni in March) was found guilty in a Virginia trial on eight counts of bank and tax fraud, while the judge declared a mistrial on 10 other charges after the jury couldn’t [...]

POLITICO Playbook PM: Two exclusive nuggets to start your afternoon …

Presented by */ ]]> Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said some Democrats have expressed interest in working together to investigate an anonymous New York Times op-ed. | Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo A FEW EXCLUSIVE NUGGETS FOR YOU [...]

What if Emailing During Your Commute Counted as Work?

LONDON — Should commuting hours count as part of the workday? The suggestion — sure to raise the hackles of employers everywhere — was made by university researchers in England who studied the commuting habits of thousands of [...]