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U.S. Role in Yemen War Will End Unless Trump Issues Second Veto

“Its intention is not to unite but to divide. Its intention is not to support our ally but to kill this bill through a cynical and dishonest tactic,” Mr. Hoyer said as Democrats stood and applauded. “Let’s stop playing games with this [...]

Senate rebuffs Trump with vote cutting off U.S. support in Yemen

Yemeni fighters from the Popular Resistance Committees, supporting forces loyal to Yemen’s Saudi-backed government, march past portraits of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi in Taiz on Monday. | Ahmad Al-Basha/AFP/Getty Images Congress Several [...]

Yemen Dispatch: For Yemen Child Soldiers, a Refuge Mixes Play With Saudi Propaganda

MARIB, Yemen — A display on one side of the doorway holds children’s drawings of violence and gore: red scribbles of blood on pencil sketches of bombs, bullets and bodies; a machine gun firing across a stone wall into a tent; a [...]

Land Mines Block Saudi-Led Assault in Yemen, Killing Civilians

“The mines are our problem, the reason for the miserable situation we are suffering,” he said. Afif Jameel, a soldier from Taiz, a city in southwest Yemen, who said his age was about 21 or 22, said he was pitching a tent in captured [...]

Pope Francis Makes ‘Historic’ Gulf Tour Amid Yemen Crisis and Christian Repression

Bishop Hinder said he had been unable to reach Yemen because of the war, but that working on specific cases “behind the curtain” sometimes yielded positive results. He added that a public statement by Francis on Yemen was possible, [...]

On the Front Line of the Saudi War in Yemen? Child Soldiers from Darfur

KHARTOUM, Sudan — The civil war in Darfur robbed Hager Shomo Ahmed of almost any hope. Raiders had stolen his family’s cattle, and a dozen years of bloodshed had left his parents destitute. Then, around the end of 2016, Saudi Arabia [...]

Fragile Cease-Fire Takes Effect in Yemen. Why Now and What’s Next?

CAIRO — An internationally backed cease-fire in the key Yemen port of Hudaydah got off to a shaky start on Tuesday when fighting erupted moments after it took effect at midnight. The clashes died down hours later, and by late Tuesday [...]

Senate Votes to Limit War Powers in Yemen, Angered by Saudi Killing of Journalist

WASHINGTON — The Senate voted resoundingly on Thursday to withdraw American military assistance for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, issuing the latest in a series of stinging bipartisan rebukes of President Trump for his defense of [...]

Warring Sides in Yemen Agree to Truce in Key Port City

CAIRO — Yemen’s warring parties have agreed to terms for a cease-fire in the crucial port city of Hudaydah, the United Nations chief said on Thursday, announcing the biggest step toward peace in years for a war that has produced [...]

Yemen Peace Talks Begin With Agreement to Free 5,000 Prisoners

CAIRO — Yemen’s warring sides agreed on Thursday to exchange prisoners, starting peace consultations in Sweden that aim to end a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of civilians and pushed millions to the brink of famine. The [...]