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Week 13 of ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests in France

PARIS — In the 13th straight weekend of “Yellow Vest” demonstrations in France, protesters showed no sign of letting up pressure on the government and did not appear appeased by concessions by President Emmanuel Macron. There [...]

France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After Minister Meets ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters

France recalled its ambassador to Italy on Thursday, an extraordinary diplomatic rupture between longtime European Union and NATO allies, after a series of provocations by Italy’s populist leaders, culminating in a meeting between a top [...]

Can Macron Talk the Yellow Vests Into Submission? He Will Try

SOUILLAC, France — At 9:23 p.m., after nearly six hours of talk, President Emmanuel Macron took up the subject of nursing homes. At 9:48 p.m., into the seventh hour, he was speaking about France’s “food independence.” Past 10 [...]

Denied Use of Roundabouts, Can Yellow Vests Stay United, Visible and Viable?

Others are hardly political at all. At the cafe was Patricia Blot, a onetime nurse, who had fallen ill and stopped leaving her house, but was roused by the cause of the Yellow Vests. The last politician she liked, she said, was Charles [...]

Violence Surges as Yellow Vests Attack French Government Ministry

PARIS — The first Yellow Vest demonstration of the new year reached a new level of violence on Saturday as a government ministry building was attacked and the minister evacuated out the back door. What started two months ago as a [...]

Yellow Vest Leader Is Arrested in France Amid Crackdown

PARIS — The French police have arrested a prominent leader of the Yellow Vest movement for a second time, in a clear sign that the government is following through on a pledge to crack down on the protests that have shaken France for much [...]

The Question for France: Where Do the Yellow Vests Go From Here?

PARIS — The Yellow Vest tornado has created a political vacuum in France. The government of President Emmanuel Macron is weakened. The opposition parties are discredited. And the populist uprising itself proclaims its disdain for [...]

Critic’s Notebook: France’s Yellow Vests Reveal a Crisis of Mobility in All Its Forms

SENLIS, France — After more than a month of furious, antigovernment demonstrations across France, it is easy to forget that a gasoline tax set all this off. A few cents per liter at the pump. A pebble in the sea of the French economy. [...]

Paris Is Fortified as 5th Week of ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests Bring Scuffles and Tear Gas

PARIS — Boarded-up shops. Empty cafes. Closed museums. And, for the most part, two main colors: the bright yellow vests of protesters and the black gear of riot police. For the fifth straight weekend, France was confronted by a determined [...]

‘Yellow Vests’ Descend on Paris as Police Arrest Hundreds and Fire Tear Gas

PARIS — Thousands of demonstrators descended on Paris early Saturday, as residents braced for more mayhem and the police turned out in force, blocking access to main arteries and monuments that had been the focus last week of France’s [...]