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Trump’s culture wars worked in 2016. His aides worry the world has changed.

*/ ]]> Donald Trump’s team can agree on one thing: The president’s latest Twitter outbursts and off-script grievances are hurting his reelection prospects. That’s about where the agreement ends. Advertisement Some top aides [...]

Why Trump Is Right To Worry About That Glass of Water

President Donald Trump. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo By JEFF GREENFIELD 06/14/2020 06:17 PM EDT Jeff Greenfield is a five-time Emmy-winning network television analyst and author. */ ]]> What to call it—“Photo-oops”? “Glass [...]

Why Washington Shouldn’t Worry About Its Debt to China.

Facebook Twitter Email Print As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the global economy, many observers are becoming concerned with the rise in U.S. government debt. The unprecedented fiscal measures undertaken to prevent a “Greater [...]

Experts worry politics will guide voters’ virus precautions

WASHINGTON (AP) – Laura Herd says she sleeps better because her state’s governor, Michigan Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, imposed one of the nation’s strictest stay-at-home orders to combat the coronavirus pandemic. President Donald Trump’s [...]

Why Asia’s New Coronavirus Controls Should Worry the World

In China, international flights have been cut back so severely that Chinese students abroad wonder when they will be able to get home. In Singapore, recently returned citizens must share their phones’ location data with the authorities [...]

Fauci warns of spike in deaths ‘if we go about our daily lives and not worry’

*/ ]]> The nation’s top infectious diseases expert urged Americans on Sunday to prepare to hunker down as the U.S. scrambles to contain and mitigate the spread of a virus that could kill hundreds of thousands of people here. “I [...]

After Taliban Deal, Afghans Worry About the Details

KABUL — The agreement reached by the United States and the Taliban on Saturday is clear in at least one way. The United States and the Taliban got something they both dearly wanted: a timeline for an American troop withdrawal and [...]

75 Years After Auschwitz Liberation, Worry That ‘Never Again’ Is Not Assured

AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU, Poland — Even before the gas chambers were destroyed and the savage toll of years of industrialized mass murder revealed to the world, prisoners at the largest Nazi concentration camp were already repeating two [...]

Iowa Democrats worry ‘Medicare for All’ hurts key industry

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Kim Motl doesn’t work in the health insurance industry. But her friends and neighbors do. So when she saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Motl pressed the Democratic presidential candidate about [...]

Phone Checks at Hong Kong’s Border Worry Travelers to Mainland China

HONG KONG — Chinese border officers have begun routinely searching the phones of people who enter mainland China from Hong Kong, raising concerns that Beijing is trying to identify travelers sympathetic to the territory’s protest [...]