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Donald Trump, CIA improve working relationship

President Trump has left the tumultuous days of publicly combating his own intelligence community for a more workmanlike relationship coached by his team of loyalists, insiders say. As interactions improve at the top, however, a former CIA [...]

Republicans working to appeal more to Asian voters

The GOP nightmare in Southern California closed out last week with Young Kim falling just shy of becoming the first Korean-American elected to Congress. After a protracted counting, Ms. Kim was about 6,000 votes short of Democratic candidate [...]

Working Longer, Trading Smarter: Longevity Stocks Change the Retirement Game

By Hilary Kramer I was struck to hear that the average retirement age is “only” 62 and that’s when Millennials — benchmark driven as always — expect to quit working themselves. Leaving savings rates and 401(k) contributions aside, [...]

GOP aide working on Kavanaugh confirmation resigns amid past harassment claim

Garrett Ventry was a spokesperson for the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley. | Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Garrett Ventry, a Senate Judiciary Committee [...]
Philippines Bars Citizens From Working in Kuwait After Body Is Found
Photo Filipino workers just back from Kuwait filled out paperwork on Monday at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The government said it would help workers who want to return do so. [...]
The mysterious oppo researcher working in the White House lawyer’s office
Few people in or close to the White House have any idea what Michael Roman does all day. Officially, Roman works as a special assistant to the president and director of special projects and research, a vague title that reveals [...]
Is the GOP tax law already working?
The ink was barely dry on the $ 1.5 trillion tax cut Congress passed last month when President Donald Trump began crowing about its successes. Last week, he bragged at both the American [...]
Trump Working Hard To Fuck Up Everyone’s Taxes At Record Levels
At least Lyra And Bon Bon can still file a joint return. Who ever thought that rushing to rewrite most of the goddamn tax code in secret, just for the sake of getting a huge tax cut for rich fuckwads and a “win” for their rich fuckwad president, [...]
Deleted Comments: The Swiss Are Working On An Artificial Vagina
Twilight Sparkle is pleased by this development! After a nice weekend off for New Year’s Eve, Yr Dear ShitFerBrains is back with some shiny new derp for 2018. Don’t worry about any shocking, difficult-to-adapt-to innovations in stupid, [...]

Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?

As his first year in the White House draws to a close, Donald J. Trump remains in almost every respect a singular character. He exists well outside the boundaries of what most observers previously judged possible, let alone respectable, in [...]