12122018What's Hot:

Bomb Explodes at Russian Security Agency, Wounding 3 Workers

MOSCOW — An explosive device detonated inside an office of Russia’s main security agency on Wednesday, wounding three workers and killing the person who carried it, the Russian authorities said. The explosion at the local headquarters [...]

Turks Search Far-Flung Sites and Question Workers in Case of Missing Journalist

Several of the Saudis named by Turks and shown in the leaked images have ties to Prince Mohammed, and Western intelligence officials say it is hard to imagine such an operation being carried out without his approval. One of the suspects, [...]

Court upholds termination of undocumented worker’s benefits

DOVER, Del. (AP) – Delaware’s Supreme Court has upheld a judge’s decision terminating the disability benefits of a woman who is in the country illegally and was injured at work. In a two-sentence order issued Friday following oral [...]

GOP candidates pressure Donald Trump to abandon pay freeze for federal workers

President Trump signaled Monday that he’s still reconsidering his announcement to freeze pay for more than 2 million federal civilian workers, after hearing objections from Republican candidates in Virginia, a state with a large population [...]

Is There a Spy Camera in That Bathroom? In Seoul, 8,000 Workers Will Check

In hidden corners across South Korea, tiny cameras are surreptitiously recording thousands of women when they are at their most vulnerable. Women have come to fear that cameras could be anywhere: perched inside the toilet bowl of a [...]

As Fighting Escalates, U.N. Urges Protection for Aid Workers in Afghanistan

[unable to retrieve full-text content] With 23 aid workers killed, ambulances caught in crossfire, U.N. asks for protection to deliver aid to civilians suffering the brunt of war and drought. Source: NYT > World

Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Our correspondent visited Venezuela to see whether the country could pull itself out of its economic free fall. The outlook was not encouraging. Source: NYT > World

A Medical Mystery Grows as U.S. Consulate Workers in China Fall Ill

Among them was Mr. Lenzi. In an email sent to the entire staff of the consulate, he complained that the first employee was evacuated in April, but that no one was told of the health concerns until a month later — after doctors in the [...]
GOP Midterm Slogan: ‘We Need Guest Workers to Do Your Jobs’
At a rally in Michigan last weekend, President Trump promised to bring in lots of guest workers to — I quote — “do your jobs.” Once, long ago, Trump was against replacing American workers with cheap foreign labor. Back when Trump was [...]
Federal workers spill on life in Trump’s Washington
One Health and Human Services employee swore off online dating after potential suitors repeatedly got upset that he worked for the Trump administration. An Education Department fellow eagerly returned to teaching after listening to Betsy DeVos [...]