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Mueller’s work done, Americans wonder what it means

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – With the long-awaited special counsel’s investigation done but its contents still shrouded in mystery, Americans waited for details, yawned with boredom or stayed fixed to their long-cemented positions on President [...]
News Analysis: After Trump Strikes Syria, Syrians Wonder ‘What’s Next?’
Seven years in, some now argue that the only realistic way to stop the war, prevent a jihadist resurgence and allow the country to move on is to acknowledge that Mr. Assad, with help from Iran and Russia, will remain in power and to effectively [...]
I wonder how well she and her sign are holding up?
4. June 2017, Rosemont, Illinois, USAIndivisible Chicago Facebook From a post of nine more signs at my LJ, in case anyone wants to see something fun and nonpolitical for a change. Source: Political Cartoons
Saudis Wonder What’s Next After the King Allows Women to Drive
Built on an alliance between a royal family and the descendants of an ultraconservative Muslim cleric, Saudi Arabia has struggled throughout its history with how to reconcile modernization with loyalty to religious heritage. That debate [...]
Is Germany Still a Haven for Israelis? After Election, Some Wonder
Were the very things that have made Germany seem so safe to so many Israelis — the national preoccupation with contrition, aversion to raw nationalism, and determination never to repeat the sins of the past — now in danger of being [...]
The Koch brothers go to Hollywood: Republican megadonors have quietly invested in films like “Wonder Woman” and “Dunkirk”
Over the last four years Republican megadonors Charles and David Koch have secretly held stakes in the American motion picture production and financing company RatPac Dune Entertainment, which has ties to major films such as “Wonder Woman” [...]
Decimated Muslim Brotherhood Still Inspires Fear. Its Members Wonder Why.
“Us sitting here,” said Mr. Shalash, in reference to the exiled Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Turkey, “we can’t really do anything.” This sense of helplessness is nevertheless new. In 2011, the Brotherhood or its [...]
Report: Wonder Woman may take on the Russians in sequel
Although we aren’t going to see Diana Prince take on Vladimir Putin in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” sequel, we may be getting something quite close to it. According to a report by Screen Rant republished on Vulture, when “Wonder Woman [...]
Robert Mueller Hires World’s Most Badass Lawyer For Trump-Russia Team. Again. Wonder Why!
Olivia Pope Golly, it sounds like every other day or so we learn that special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the wide-ranging investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and also obstruction of justice [...]
The confused, confusing nationalism behind “Wonder Woman”
There is some true heroism at work in “Wonder Woman.” During a year in which a virulent misogynist became president, “Wonder Woman” has broken box office records for films helmed by a female director. Less than a year after Salon [...]