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Here’s what today’s impeachment hearing witnesses will say

Presented by the National Confectioners Association */ ]]> with help from Sarah Ferris and Marianne LeVine JERRY GO ROUND — The impeachment inquiry is returning to the place where it all started: the House Judiciary Committee. [...]

Iraq Prime Minister Says He Will Resign Amid Protests

At least 354 have been killed since antigovernment protests began at the start of October and more than 8,000 have been wounded, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights said. Its most recent report notes “the actual total [...]

Peru’s Fujimori will leave prison to new political landscape

LIMA, Peru (AP) – When opposition leader Keiko Fujimori leaves prison, her supporters will applaud her freedom and her detractors will lament what they consider more impunity for the corrupt, but the reality is the future is far from [...]

Trump national security adviser won’t say if president will sign Hong Kong bill

Protesters participate in a rally on Saturday to protest against the exposure of children to tear gas by police in Hong Kong. | Ng Han Guan/AP Photo */ ]]> Halifax, Nova Scotia — President Donald Trump hasn’t said he’ll sign a bill [...]

“Cold” Medicine: Canadian Drug Imports Will Cost Americans

Facebook Twitter Email Print In the hopes of lowering the cost of prescription drugs for Americans, the Trump Administration announced plans in late July to draft a proposal for the importation and sale of prescription drugs from Canada. The [...]

Impeachment hearings: Vindman reassures father: ‘I will be fine for telling the truth’

*/ ]]> Two key witnesses who listened in on President Donald Trump’s July 25 call with the Ukrainian president are opening the second week of public testimony in the impeachment probe. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a Ukraine specialist [...]

Pelosi has ‘no idea’ if impeachment inquiry will wrap by year’s end

*/ ]]> Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday left open the possibility that Democrats’ impeachment inquiry will continue into next year, saying she has “no idea” whether it would be finished by the end of December, the strongest indication [...]

What Impeachment Will Cost the GOP

*/ ]]> On December 19, 1998, the day House Republicans impeached President Bill Clinton, he recorded his highest-ever score in Gallup’s presidential approval poll: 73 percent favorable. That was 24 percentage points higher than Clinton’s [...]

Deal With Taliban Will Free American and Australian Professors, Officials Say

The Haqqani network is based in the tribal areas of Pakistan, which may have played a role in the prisoner negotiations. Mr. Ghani’s announcement Tuesday came a day after a visit to Kabul by Faiz Hameed, director general of the Inter-Services [...]

‘This Will Be Forever’: How the Ambitions of Evo Morales Contributed to His Fall

It was a watershed moment for democracy in Latin America. Evo Morales, an Indigenous leader who rose to prominence in the hardscrabble world of coca growers unions in Bolivia, stood before his compatriots to take the oath of office [...]