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House Dems to test Wilbur Ross’ ‘survivor’ status

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will appear before the House Oversight Committee about his decision to add a question about citizenship to the U.S. Census. | Win McNamee/Getty Images congress Some Democrats expect an apology on Thursday [...]

Wilbur Ross on federal workers going to food banks: ‘I don’t really quite understand why’

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross argued with loans backed by the guaranteed back pay, federal workers should be able to find the money to carry them through the government shutdown. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Government Shutdown Some [...]

Wilbur Ross leaving? Mulvaney is waiting.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has said that he is interested in succeeding Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo White House Amid the drama around higher-profile Trump officials, the president’s 80-year-old [...]
Guess Who Else In Trumpland Is A Fake Billionaire? Why, It’s WILBUR ROSS!!!
OH, NOES!!! SOMEONE IN TRUMPLAND IS A LYIN’ ASS FRAUDSTER??? FETCH ME MY SMELLING SALTS!!! Today Forbes broke the story of Wilbur Ross and his made-up billions. Apparently, the Commerce Secretary is just a penurious $ 700 millionaire. SAD! This [...]
Wilbur Ross: Accusations that I failed to disclose Russia-linked investments are ‘evil’
“There’s nothing whatsoever improper about Navigator having a relationship with Sibur,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP [...]
Wilbur Ross says he sees ‘liberalizing’ changes during Saudi business talks
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Monday that Saudi Arabia has shown sign of “liberalizing” their society in business talks over the weekend. “Clearly, there’s a big sea change underway. There’s no question that they’re liberalizing [...]
Wilbur Ross says Trump’s Syria missile strikes was “after-dinner entertainment”
When Dan Rather commented that President Donald Trump’s missile strikes against Syria were “easy,” he probably had no idea how literally true that was for certain members of the cabinet. During a speech on Monday at the Milken Institute [...]

Trump, Wilbur Ross wanted to use food inspections as a bargaining chip in trade deals: report

President Donald Trump, who once denounced the “FDA Food Police” and vowed to gut food safety protections as a way of stopping “inspection overkill,” apparently is absolutely fine with inspecting food that comes from a foreign country. In [...]

For Commerce Pick Wilbur Ross, ‘Inherently Bad’ Deals Paid Off

But a spokesman for Mr. Ross described his experience as an asset, not a contradiction. “As a private businessman, Mr. Ross made pragmatic decisions based on law available at the time, and it is precisely his knowledge of how trade [...]

Wilbur Ross’s Chinese Love Affair

A decade after Wilbur Ross used a tariff on imported steel to weather Chinese competition and make his American mills profitable, he hung a picture taken in Beijing on his office wall. It shows a poster of three women in military uniforms [...]