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White House tries to project calm even as GOP launches impeachment counter-offensive

President Donald Trump. | Alex Wong/Getty Images */ ]]> Within the White House on Wednesday, aides quickly settled on Democrats’ biggest sin as they launched their first public impeachment inquiry hearing. They were being boring. Story [...]

White House laughs off Anonymous book as old news

*/ ]]> The White House is breathing a big sigh of relief after the new book by an anonymous author claiming to be a senior Trump official doesn’t seem to have many new damaging details of the president’s conduct in office, according [...]

White House praises China’s crackdown on opioid ring

The White House hailed “concrete action” by China Thursday to stop the illicit flow of opioids into the U.S., after nine members of a fentanyl-smuggling ring were sentenced to prison terms by a Chinese court. White House Office of National [...]

Experts: White House has dubious reasons to ignore subpoenas

The impeachment process is fundamentally unfair. Congress lacks authority to investigate the president. Witnesses should have executive branch lawyers. White House attorneys are throwing out an array of arguments for keeping its officials from [...]

White House officials spurn demand to testify in impeachment probe

Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff Robert Blair (left), Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Douglas Hoelscher (center), and White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino. [...]

White House marks 40th anniversary of Iranian hostage crisis, urges Tehran to ‘choose peace’

The White House warned Iran Monday to “choose peace over hostage-taking” on the 40th anniversary of militants storming the U.S. embassy in Tehran, an act that the Iranian government commemorated by announcing new violations of its nuclear [...]

The 7 Big Bets that will decide who wins the White House in 2020

*/ ]]> One way to think about presidential campaigns is as a type of wager. A candidate’s strategy is essentially a calculation about what factors will exert the greatest influence on voters, and if that prediction is right he or she [...]

Grisham: White House ‘expecting’ Trump’s impeachment; ‘This is a sham and a kangaroo court’

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Friday the White House is “expecting” President Trump to be impeached by the House of Representatives. “We are still obviously hopeful everybody will come to their senses and realize [...]

Donald Trump to host World Series champion Nats at White House on Monday

World Series champs the Washington Nationals will visit President Trump at the White House on Monday, an unusually quick turnaround for celebrating a sports championship. A White House official confirmed the Nats will visit the White House [...]

Trump goes on Twitter tear after White House official condemns his Ukraine call

President Donald Trump. | Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images By QUINT FORGEY 10/29/2019 08:54 AM EDT Updated: 10/29/2019 10:48 AM EDT */ ]]> President Donald Trump launched a sustained online offensive Tuesday morning after details emerged [...]