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French Hill condemns campaign ad warning black men of ‘lynchings when a white girl screams rape’

A Republican U.S. House candidate in Arkansas criticized an outside group’s ad that caused political jaws on Twitter to drop to the floor. The ad, paid for the group Black Americans for the President’s Agenda, is playing on Arkansas radio [...]

Inside the Beltway: Voters know when Trump is just ‘venting’

One of the most poplar and persistent practices in the press is to parse President Trump’s language with a critical eye, seeking any and all opportunities to portray him in a negative light. They have their ways. Sometimes news organizations [...]

White House says Trump was just stating facts when questioning Blasey Ford’s testimony

The White House said Wednesday that President Trump was merely “stating the facts” when he questioned the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, who accuses Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault. “He was stating facts [...]

What Happens to a Hub of Renaissance Florence When the Friars Move Out?

A hotel branch of the business association Confindustria has offered to adopt the building, giving rise to rumors of an umpteenth hotel in downtown Florence. Giancarlo Carniani, president of the Confindustria branch in Florence, denied [...]

‘When they go low, we kick ’em in the nuts’

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s address — a non-combative call to register to vote — appeared to pale against the vitriolic tone of the current political climate. | John Locher/AP Photo Elections When it comes to beating [...]

Trumpworld divided on Rosenstein — not whether to fire him, but when

Trump’s allies may believe the president should oust Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but they are divided about the timing of the firing and its stated cause. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images White House The disagreement [...]

When 11 men interrogate: GOP tries to head off Kavanaugh debacle

To head off the potentially bad optics of older white men questioning a woman about alleged sexual assault, Republicans are considering having an independent outside lawyer question Christine Blasey Ford alongside senators. | Alex Brandon/AP [...]

Rome Dispatch: When in Rome, Sea Gulls Do as They Please

In her fourth-floor apartment in central Rome, Emanuela Tripi awoke at dawn to the terrifying sounds of a home invasion. She crept into her kitchen and spotted the culprit — long white neck, red-rimmed eyes, yellow-webbed feet — [...]

Trump Hits Turkey When It’s Down, Doubling Tariffs

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The president’s decision, announced in a tweet, raised the possibility of further tariff escalations with China and other countries whose currencies are falling against the dollar. Source: [...]

‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France

[unable to retrieve full-text content] A strong correlation has been observed between increases in hate crimes against French Jews and the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Source: NYT > World