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What Was the Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Really Up To? A Former Spy Helps Us Figure It Out.

Alex Finley is the pen name of a former CIA officer and author of Victor in the Rubble, a satire of the CIA and the war on terror. Follow her on Twitter: @alexzfinley. */ ]]> What was a Chinese woman doing at Mar-a-Lago with her pockets [...]

As Rich Lavish Cash on Notre-Dame, Many Ask: What About the Needy?

PARIS — The pledges came in quick succession. François-Henri Pinault, France’s second-richest man, put up an eye-popping 100 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame, just as firefighters were dousing the last flames at the cathedral [...]

What We Know and Don’t Know About the Notre-Dame Fire

A fire broke out at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris on Monday evening, destroying its spire and severely damaging its roof. What we know about the fire • More than 12 hours after the fire started in the cathedral’s attic, Gabriel [...]

POLITICO Playbook: What to expect when you’re expecting the Mueller report

Presented by */ ]]> Attorney General William Barr appears before a House Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday, April 9. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo DRIVING THE DAY NEW … USMCA WATCH: SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL’S [...]

What Will Really Matter in the Mueller Report

Renato Mariotti is the Legal Affairs Columnist for POLITICO Magazine. He is a former federal prosecutor and host of the “On Topic” podcast. */ ]]> After years of waiting, we will finally get to read the Mueller report—or at least [...]

What Should We Make of Joe Biden?

*/ ]]> Everyone’s talking about Joe Biden. In the past week, several women have said the former vice president and senator, who is mulling a 2020 run, made them uncomfortable with his overly familiar style of touching—his “tactile” [...]

Japan’s New Era Gets a Name, but No One Can Agree What It Means

“Like the plum flowers that beautifully bloom, heralding the arrival of spring after a severe winter, each one of the Japanese people can bloom their own flowers with a hope for tomorrow,” Mr. Abe said. In selecting a name from Japanese, [...]

What Beto’s Weird Teenage Poetry Tells Us About His Politics

Virginia Heffernan is a contributing editor at WIRED, columnist for the Los Angeles Times, host of Slate’s “Trumpcast” and author of Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art. */ ]]> Politics are ablaze today with both savage indignation [...]

What just happened? The questions behind the Mueller report

The summary of Robert Mueller’s work tells us that he didn’t find enough evidence to “establish” that the Trump campaign and Russia were working together. But the special counsel’s underlying investigative materials remain under [...]

Mueller’s work done, Americans wonder what it means

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – With the long-awaited special counsel’s investigation done but its contents still shrouded in mystery, Americans waited for details, yawned with boredom or stayed fixed to their long-cemented positions on President [...]