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Jeremy Corbyn Will Decide What Happens to Brexit (Whether He Wants to or Not)

LONDON — Within minutes after Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for leaving the European Union was resoundingly defeated on Tuesday night, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, rose in Parliament and vowed in [...]

‘The Taliban Made Me Fight’: What to Do With Child Recruits After They Serve Time?

Mr. Karzai called them “innocent children incited by the enemies of Afghanistan.” One of them, Nasibullah, who was said to be 10 at the time, although he looked much younger, was rearrested less than a year later. The National Directorate [...]

Trump touts shutdown plan, but advisers say ‘no one knows what he will do’

President Donald Trump did not have any public events listed on his schedule for Saturday and Sunday. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Government Shutdown The president was slated to spend the day speaking by phone to staff and lawmakers, and [...]

In Sudan, no one is clear on what happens after al-Bashir

CAIRO (AP) – As violent anti-government protests enter their fourth week, Sudan appears headed toward political paralysis, with drawn-out unrest across much of the country and a fractured opposition without a clear idea of what to do [...]

Media Throw Everything at the Wall to See What Sticks

Now that Trump has finally turned to the campaign promise that won him the election — build a wall and deport illegals — the Democrats, the media and even most Republicans are hysterical. Just remember: They were hysterical about Ronald [...]

‘What Obama had, he has that’: Jeffries’ stock rises as Pelosi successor

As caucus chairman, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries has a much larger megaphone to challenge the Trump administration than some of his other colleagues in leadership. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> [...]

On the Surface, Hungary Is a Democracy. But What Lies Underneath?

BUDAPEST — When the Hungarian government coerced the Central European University, a leading college in Budapest, into shutting some of its operations in December, it did not do so by threat of physical force. Viktor Orban, the far-right [...]

Theresa May Finds No Joy in Brussels. Now What for Brexit?

BRUSSELS — Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain headed home flustered and empty-handed on Friday after a blunt exchange at a European Union summit meeting, where Mrs. May’s entreaties for help to amend a withdrawal deal that would satisfy [...]

An Emboldened China No Longer Cares What Its Critics Think

BEIJING — Two Canadians detained in an apparent act of prosecutorial retaliation. A prominent pastor, an internationally renowned Chinese photographer and China’s top international police officer all held by the authorities. Hundreds [...]

Strasbourg Suspect Was on a Watch List: What Are the ‘S Files’?

PARIS — A deadly attack this week at the Strasbourg Christmas market in France by a suspect who was on a watch list as a possible security risk has drawn scrutiny once again to how the authorities handle suspects who have been flagged [...]