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Chris Wallace asks Kellyanne about George, Biden’s new statement and Trump’s week ahead

Presented by */ ]]> DRIVING THE DAY SUNDAY BEST … CHRIS WALLACE ASKS KELLYANNE CONWAY ABOUT GEORGE ON “FOX NEWS SUNDAY”: WALLACE: “Do you think he’s cyber bullying you to try to get you to quit? Do you think he’s jealous [...]

Trump threatens to close the U.S.-Mexico border next week: ‘I’m not playing games’

poster=”http://v.politico.com/images/1155968404/201903/3776/1155968404_6020234992001_6020231407001-vs.jpg?pubId=1155968404″ true “If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United [...]

Democrats demand Mueller’s full report by next week

“I believe that what Mueller was saying by not making a finding with regard to obstruction was that he wanted the Congress to take a look at it, and we make the decision,” said House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings. Share [...]

POLITICO Playbook: Hogan jokes at St. Patrick’s dinner and a sneak peek at the president’s week ahead

Presented by */ ]]> Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan spoke at the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick dinner on Saturday night at the Capital Hilton. | Patrick Semansky, File/AP Photo DRIVING THE DAY SNEAK PEEK … THE PRESIDENT’S WEEK: [...]

Mueller’s busy week offers new signs his report is coming soon

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his Justice Department supervisors are not saying anything official about the conclusion of their work, but Congress is getting ready. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share [...]

The week that could reveal Mueller’s end-game

The confluence of moves this week related to Rober Mueller’s investigation underscores the fact that numerous storylines of the special counsel’s probe are coming to an end. | Win McNamee/Getty Images Mueller Investigation ‘A [...]

Week 13 of ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests in France

PARIS — In the 13th straight weekend of “Yellow Vest” demonstrations in France, protesters showed no sign of letting up pressure on the government and did not appear appeased by concessions by President Emmanuel Macron. There [...]

Louisiana’s Mardi Gras parties move to Washington this week

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Louisiana’s Carnival celebrations are moving north this week, for the political party known as Washington Mardi Gras. Gov. John Bel Edwards, state lawmakers, other elected and appointed officials, lobbyists and [...]

White House won’t release Trump’s 2020 budget blueprint next week

The White House is going to miss the statutory deadline for the president to submit his annual budget proposal to Congress, as federal agencies grind back into gear following the longest-ever federal government shutdown. The White House will [...]

Week 87: Did BuzzFeed Drop a Bombshell or Just Bomb?

*/ ]]> Knocked out just last week by the informed speculation that Donald Trump might be a Russian spy or a dupe, Russia-scandal watchers received another cranial blow this week. In a story that caused everybody who quoted it to preface [...]