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Marshal’s office trains staff in non-lethal weapons

HANNA, Wyo. (AP) – A Wyoming law enforcement agency has begun training its officers in how and when to use non-lethal weapons. Staff with the Hanna Marshal’s office will still carry pistols but will keep other firearms capable of firing [...]

North Korea’s New Promises on Weapons Stop Short of Denuclearization

SEOUL, South Korea — Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, finally committed on Wednesday to some concrete steps toward denuclearization — most notably an offer to “permanently dismantle” facilities that are central to the production [...]
Kim Says He’ll Give Up Weapons if U.S. Promises Not to Invade
Mr. Yoon revealed more details of the daylong talks between Mr. Kim and Mr. Moon as many have expressed skepticism about the friendly gestures made by the North Korean leader, and whether they would turn out to be empty promises aimed [...]
Chemical Weapons Experts Blocked From Site of Syria Attack, Officials Say
The office of the United Nations Secretary General had no immediate response to that claim, which Western diplomats refuted. The O.P.C.W. declined to comment, and did not even say whether its inspectors had reached Douma, saying in a [...]
U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack
While Mr. Trump vowed as recently as last week to pull American troops out of Syria, he said he would remain committed to the goal of preventing further chemical attacks. KURDISH CONTROL ISIS CONTROL REBEL CONTROL GOVERNMENT CONTROL Deir [...]
U.S. Says Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons at Least 50 Times During War
“Our president has not yet made a decision about possible action in Syria,” Ms. Haley told the council. “But should the United States and our allies decide to act in Syria, it will be in defense of a principle on which we all agree.” The [...]
Russia, Praised for Scrapping Chemical Weapons, Now Under Watchdog’s Gaze
If the dispute escalates, however, Britain could request a so-called challenge inspection of Russian laboratories to look for signs of Novichok production — a measure that has never been invoked in the monitoring group’s 21-year history. [...]
North Korea Is Willing to Discuss Giving Up Nuclear Weapons, South Says
The statement said the two Koreas would begin working-level discussions to prepare for the summit meeting, to be held in the Freedom House, a South Korean building in Panmunjom, the so-called truce village that straddles the border. Before [...]
Putin Shows Off New Weapons, and Warns U.S. and Europe, Too
Then, last month, the Trump administration issued a new nuclear policy, vowing to counter a rush by the Russians to modernize their forces. The strategy, which bristles with plans for new low-yield nuclear weapons, describes Mr. Putin [...]
U.S. Accuses Syria of New Chemical Weapons Use
Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson also criticized what he called Syria’s continued use of chemical weapons in the war and what he described as Russia’s complicity. “Russia’s failure to resolve the chemical weapons issue in Syria [...]