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Want to Fix Presidential Elections? Here’s the Quickest Way.

Edward B. Foley, an Ohio State University law professor, is the author of Presidential Elections and Majority Rule, to be published later this year by Oxford University Press. */ ]]> When Senator Elizabeth Warren recently called for [...]

Matthew Whitaker to Congress: I haven’t meddled with Mueller’s Russia investigation ‘in any way’

Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker shot down a number of the more wild speculations that have plagued him since his tenure at the Justice Department began more than three months ago. Accused of being a plant by President Trump to squelch [...]

Argentina Once Saw G-20 as a Chance to Shine. Bad News Got in the Way.

BUENOS AIRES — When plans were first made for Argentina to play host to the heads of state of the world’s top economies at this week’s Group of 20 summit meeting, the government saw the gathering as a golden opportunity to portray [...]

Russia Dispatch: In Russian Village Swallowed by Sand, Life’s a Beach. Just Not in a Good Way.

SHOYNA, Russia — Shoyna, a Russian fishing village on the frigid shores of the White Sea, is slowly vanishing under sand that engulfs entire houses, their roofs just barely visible above the dunes. For young children, it’s a magical [...]
John Conyers Was An Icon. Then He Lost His Way.
When, in that brief pillow of time between the Kennedy assassination and the escalation of the war in Vietnam, a 35-year-old John Conyers first ran for Congress, he had a method of connecting with voters—“a pet theory of personality projection,” [...]

At Sea with Capt. ‘Wrong Way’ Trump

This piece originally appeared on BillMoyers.com. Baby boomers like me fondly remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons of childhood (and adulthood, for that matter — in their grown-up jokes and cultural references they presaged The Simpsons [...]

‘We Are Dead Either Way’: Agonizing Choices for Syrians in Aleppo

They confided their dilemmas over whether to flee to government-held areas or stay put until the bitter end, a choice that split up many families. They described escalating bombardment and attacks that have killed women and children trying [...]