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The Third Wave in Real Estate — Will it End Badly?

“Housing prices have been roaring higher at a speed rarely seen in American history.” — Robert Shiller 2018 In Sunday’s New York Times, Yale University professor and Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller warned us that we are entering [...]

Wildfires Burn Across Eastern Australia in Sweltering Heat Wave

More than 100 wildfires burned across Queensland in eastern Australia on Thursday, the second day of evacuations and rapidly changing conditions affecting thousands of people during a sweltering heat wave. Conditions improved on Thursday, [...]

First Wave of Migrants in Caravan Reaches U.S. Border in Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico — Hundreds of migrants in the caravan traveling from Central America have begun arriving in the northern Mexico border city of Tijuana, setting up a potential confrontation with the American authorities that has been [...]

Democrats win US Senate, governor in Nevada ‘blue wave’

LAS VEGAS (AP) – The Democratic “blue wave” hit up and down the ballot in Nevada on Tuesday, toppling an incumbent Republican U.S. senator, keeping two open U.S. House seats in the Democratic column and giving the party its first [...]

‘Please Stop Saying Red Wave’: Inside Democrats’ Takeover of the House

*/ ]]> In the middle of September, White House political director Bill Stepien sat down in the presidential residence across from Donald Trump and delivered a wake-up call. Polling showed that Democratic voters were highly motivated ahead [...]

Heller proves resilient against ‘blue wave’ in Nevada

“Dean Heller connects with people, he just does, he always has,” said a longtime strategist for the Nevada senator. | John Locher, Pool/AP Photo Elections Top Democrats have been heading to Nevada to keep the Senate seat in play. By [...]

If there is a blue wave, women will drive it

Democratic women are favored to win in 68 of the 211 House races in which they are running, and could add as many as 45 to their ranks if they do well in competitive races, according to an analysis of POLITICO’s race ratings. Republican women [...]

Across Afghanistan, Scores Are Killed in a Deadly Wave of Violence

BAGHLAN-E-MARKAZI, Afghanistan — In a chaotic day of violence throughout Afghanistan, scores of police officers, soldiers and civilians were killed by insurgents who, in four separate attacks, overran a major military base, killed [...]

A ‘blue wave’? Kentucky voter registration stats say no

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – When President Donald Trump speaks, and tweets, Amy Evans can’t help but cringe. Yet the 68-year-old longtime registered Democrat in central Kentucky recently switched her voter registration to the Republican Party. [...]

Once-safe GOP seats threatened by blue wave

*/ ]]> CINCINNATI — Republicans who represented some of the safest congressional seats in their party for years are suddenly under intense pressure in 2018, with Democratic challengers threatening to overwhelm them in suburban districts [...]